It is an upgraded portable sinuscope which is a further step in ultrasound biometry these days. “Angiodin-Echo/P-Lor” — carries a highly-informative, efficient and absolutely harmless diagnostics method of such wide-spread diseases of maxillary and frontal sinuses as maxillary sinusitis and frontal sinusitis.  

Example of mode M-ECHO
Maxillary sinusitis and frontal sinusitis diagnostics:

Natural hollowness of paranasal sinuses of a healthy man hampers the transmission of the ultrasound beam and its expansion is limited to the anterior wall of the sinuses. If swelling processes in maxillary and frontal sinuses are accompanied by exudation, the beam reaches the posterior wall glassing oneself.
An example comparing the results of a survey on the left and right

Operating principle:

Ultrasound impulses propagate into body tissues and after being reflected from different objects they return. Time difference from the moment emission and till its return is proportional to the distance from the emitter to the object that reflected the impulse. The measured time under the known speed of ultrasound propagation is calculated as a distance to the object, which is displayed in the form of a peak (peaks) on the display of the device.

Special features:

  • Light plastic case
  • Operating mode: А+А echogram on the right and on the left-hand side for detection of liquid and new formations in the sinuses; М-echo (scanner) for detection of liquid level in a sinus
  • Patients identification
  • Up to 100 examinations stored in the memory of the device
  • Summary table of calculated indexes
  • 5'' monochrome LC monitor 480х320 pxls
  • Quick print of the results via 57 mm inbuilt thermal printer
  • USB- interface for PC connection
  • Line-operated and independent power supply (inbuilt battery and charger)

Delivery set:

  • «Angiodin-Lor/P» portable sinuscope
  • 3 МHz ultrasound probe
  • «Start/stop»foot pedal
  • Case for transportation
  • Power cord
  • Sensor holder
  • User’s guide

Technical characteristics:

Probing depth 30/60 mm
Accuracy grade 0,1 / 0,25 mm
Linear size measurement error 0,1 mm
Power supply Line-operated (220V, 50Hz);
Battery life Not less than 3 h
Full charge time 3 h
Power intake (without thermal printer) Not more than 10 VA
Electrical safety Class II type B

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