EEG recording 

EEG window
Computer electroencephalograph system for EEG and EP recording and analysis with digital video monitoring feature.

Computer electroencephalograph BRAINTEST allows to record EEG over 4,8,12,16,19,21 channels in system “10-20” with one ECG lead synchronously by two ways: recording on the investigation protocol or continues monitoring type recording.

The system provides high-quality EEG recording in any not shielded room due to excellent technical characteristics of the device and special built-in software.
BRAINTEST system automatically performs control of electrodes setting quality both while putting them on and during all recording session in the way of impedance measuring. Results of the control are indicating on the front panel of the device and computer monitor.
Set of different filters performs real-time digital filtration.
User can change amplitude and time scaling for convenient form of visualized electroencephalogram while recording and reviewing.

Our EEG system provides audio and visual stimulation. User can set duration and frequency modes in the program by special setting mode.
Electroencephalogram can be screened in any customized montage (mono-, bipolar, and combined systems of leads). To differ the view of EEG user also can build various arbitrary systems of leads and then use them in the program.
EEG mounting scheme
Video EEG
For patient’s behavioral responses examination at the same time with EEG recording patient’s video recording to hard disk of PC is possible.

Modern video camera with swivel control panel and remote control allows a doctor to watch a patient without particular effort and to record picture of those face or body parts and in such angle or magnification, as it is necessary for particular examination. Real time video compression gives opportunity of long term EEG-monitoring.


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