is a portable Doppler device for examination of transcranial, extracranial, peripheral and microvascular blood flow.

High reliability of the device, small dimensions and weight, friendly software interface and an opportunity of fast connection to an outer PC allow simplifying the tasks of emergency diagnostics to a great extent as well as the routine practice in any medical establishment.

Special features:

Work with Angiodin-PT
  • Automatic calculation of 8 blood-flow indexes
  • Specialized program with friendly interface
  • An opportunity to connect to a PC
  • A membrane 24-button keypad
  • Storing data of up to 8 examinations in the device memory
  • Shatterproof aluminum case with handle/prop (front panel is covered with a plexiglass lid)
  • 5'' color LC monitor 320х240 pxls
  • Quick print of results via inbuilt thermal printer (57 mm)

Angiodin-PT  basic equipment:

  • Portable electronic block (2 МHz PW, 4 МHz PW/CW, 8 МHz PW/CW Doppler block; spectro-analyzer; 5” color LC monitor; 57 mm black-and-white thermal printer; power: 220 V, 50 Hz)
  • 2 МHz PW (transcranial, pulse) ultrasound probe
  • 4 МHz PW/CW ultrasound probe (pulse/continuous)
  • 8 МHz PW/CW (pulse/continuous) ultrasound probe
  • Specialized software, stored in nonvolatile memory
  • "Start/stop" foot-pedal
  • User’s guide
  • 24 month warranty

Additional equipment:

  • 16 МHz PW ultrasound probe (microvascular, pulse)
  • Mono-channel air-compressor
  • A set of air cuffs
  • Connection to an outer computer via PCI controller and with the help of WinPatientExpert® and Doppler Diagnostic® software in the on-line mode and for saving and processing of written fragments (for Windows XP OS)
  • External remote control

Technical characteristics:

Automatically calculated parameters Peak (S) and medium (M), end-diastolic (D) velocity,
pulse (PI) and resistive (RI) indexes,
heart rate (HR), Stuart index (SD),
spectral broadening (SB)
Measured velocities range 2 МHz ± 250/0-500 cm/s
4 МHz ± 200/0-400 cm/s
8 МHz ± 200/0-400 cm/s
16 МHz ± 75/0-150 cm/s
Probing depth / selection range in the PW-mode 2 МHz 15/120 mm / 3/20 mm
4 МHz 5/75 mm / 1/15 mm
8 МHz 3/45 mm / 1/10 mm
16 МHz 3/20 mm / 1/7 mm
Ultrasound intensity not more than 250 mW/cm2 in the PW-mode
not more than 40 mW /cm2 in the CW-mode
Spectral analysis FFT in the real-time mode, samples quantity / 256 in 12 msec,
16 color constituents of spectrum, regulated saturation
(66 dB dynamic range)
Power Line-operated 220V, 50Hz
Power intake Not more than 30 VA
Dimensions, WхDхH/td> 31 х 32(37*) х 16 cm
*handle in the position for carrying
Weight of the entire set 6 kg

Download description Angiodin-PT 
(280 KB)

Download description Angiodin-PTM 
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