NO therapy

Medical technology on the basis of the use of air plasma and exogenous nitrogen oxide for the treatment the wound and inflammatory processes
The therapeutic effectiveness of the exogenous nitrogen oxide (NO) is based on the properties of the open at the end 20th century endogenous NO as polyfunctional physiological regulator (the Nobel Prize of medicine in 1998) and consists of the following:
  • the normalization microcirculation due to the vaso-dilation, antiaggregation and anticoagulant action of NO;
  • bactericidal action as its own, thus and by the defined by example peroxynitrite, which is formed in the cloths with interaction NO with the superoxide- anion (NO + O2- -> ONOO-);
  • the induction of the phagocytosis of bacteria by neutrophils and by macrophages;
  • the activation of antioxidant protection;
  • the strengthening the secretion of anti-inflammatory and proregenerative cytokine and the factors of angiogenesis;
  • an improvement in the nervous conductivity (neurotransmission);
  • the regulation of specific and nonspecific immunity;
  • the direct induction of the proliferation of fibroblasts, increase in the vessels, synthesis of collagen, formation and ripening of granulating cloth, proliferation of the epithelium;
  • the regulation of apoptose and averting pathologic cicatrisation.
Thus, by the prime advantage of the NO-therapy in contrast to of the majority of the physical and drug therapeutic the factors it appears action polyfunctional NO on all phases of united inflammatory- regenerative process, that also causes the high efficiency of treatment in different regions of medicine. The possibility of local action on the pathologic center is another merit of NO-therapy, that makes it possible to avoid undesirable common effects as, for example, with the use of nitropreparate - drug donors of NO. Joining the manipulator of apparatus to the endoscopic instruments, the puncture needles and the vent lines it is possible to process not only the open wound or ulcerous surfaces, but also deep wound pockets, centers in the pleural and abdominal cavities, in the opening of hollow organs. Still one advantage of NO-therapy is the ability exogenous NO to diffuse not only through the wound surface, but also through the intact skin and the mucous membranes, i.e., the possibility of noninvasive action on the deep centers and the neurovascular beams.

And finally important by the merit it appears the possibility the combination thermal effect on the cloth by air plasma with the subsequent NO-therapy. High-temperature air- plasma flows are directly used for the coagulation of wound surface with its simultaneous sterilization, and also hemo-, lympho-, aero- cholestasis, the destruction (evaporation) of new formations and large masses of the necrotized tissues, dissection. On the basis of that state aboved the universality (polyfunctional) of the method of NO-therapy in the treatment of the diverse diseases, at basis of which lie inflammatory, destructive, disregeneratory processes and vascular disfunction, is connected with polyfunctionality of the functions of the endogenous nitrogen oxide in the organism and its participation in pathogenesis and sanegeneze of different diseases.

Polyfunctionality of the medical technology proposed its fundamental quality

The method of thermal effect and NO-therapy as a result of technical simplicity, high reliability and small overall sizes of apparatus "PLASON" can be used in the establishments of practical public health of different level - from the municipal health center to the hospitals, the hospitals and the large medical centers, which, taking into account its effectiveness in different regions of medicine, makes method with highly remunerative, with the one apparatus it can be used in the different departments.

Polyfunctionality and universality of therapeutic technology on the basis of the nitrogen oxide and air plasma, the latitude of the spectrum of the diseases, with which this technology is shown, make it the irreplaceable in the activity of the doctors of the general practice of the primary component of system medical aid to population.

In the practice of foreign medicine the method does not adapt, like a similar apparatus in the world is absent. In the literature the information about the use gaseous exogenous NO for treating the wound and inflammatory pathology it is not discovered. Inhalation gaseous NO from the balloon adapts only with the pressing states, for example, for treating the respiratory distress of syndrome in children and adult. In 2003 work "development and putting into medical practice of new therapeutic technologies and technical equipment on the basis of the use of air plasma and exogenous nitrogen oxide " is honored the reward of the government of the Russian Federation in the area of science and technology.

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